Plano Garage Door Repair service is modern and tested one stop solution to all your garage door needs. they offer a broad range of garage door services ranging from installation, testing, repair, maintenance and replacement services of garage doors. Also, through there well trained and experienced personnel backed by our state of the art equipment they offer you the best quality of service. Plano Garage Door Repair technical team are always on call to attend to your garage door issues. You may choose to come to our offices or give us a call to come and visit you wherever you are. garage door repair Plano TX are very flexible.


Plano Garage Door Opener Repair

If you are experiencing cases of slow or very fast opening garage doors, then your garage door opener could be in need of a fix. Also, your garage door may refuse to open or close completely. Other symptoms of a damaged garage door includes; when the remote fails to work, continuous operation of your automatic garage door opener, broken garage door chain, failure of your automatic garage door to work after a power outage, and when the garage door opener makes a grinding noise but the garage door doesn’t move. Whichever the nature of the problem, Garage Door Repair Plano technicians will always attend to you within the fastest time possible. Plano Garage Door Repair guarantee you the highest quality of service.

Plano Garage Door Springs Services

Whether you need services for Side-mounted or Torsion garage springs, Plano Garage Door Repair are best qualified to attend to you. Your garage door springs may get broken or loose elasticity. With there modern equipment and the best technical personnel, Garage Door Plano offer you unparalleled spring replacement services. When you are changing your garage door springs, they always advise that you change the whole set of springs. Changing a few set of springs and living a few old ones will lead to imbalances hence the garage door will tend to move out of the track. In such circumstances opening or closing the door may be quite difficult.

Plano Garage Door Insulation Services

At all times, your garage door temperature needs to be kept at minimum temperatures. Fluctuation of temperatures within the garage may cause damages to your equipment, machinery and even automobiles. Moreover, freezing temperature, especially during winter, may keep you from working in your garage which can be quite a costly affair for you. So, if your garage door to be insulated, don’t hesitate to Call Plano Garage Door Repair. they will offer the most trusted molding replacement with vinyl seal.

Weatherstripping Garage Door Services

If your garage weatherstripping wears out, the door will leaks in water, cold air, dust and allowing in other foreign particles into your garage. You need to call a professional garage door repair to fix this problem. Failure to do so will cause substantial damage to your equipment and machines within the garage. At Plano garage door repairs, we guarantee you the most satisfactory weatherstripping replacement.

Garage Door Sensor Servicesgarage door sensors

Garage door sensors are a very crucial component of the automatic garage doors. The sensors detect foreign objects which are lying within the line of sight of the door track. Once they sense these object, the door stops on its path during the forward movement and immediately and moves backwards to a fully open position. If your sensor, has become non-responsive to objects within its line of sight, then you should call garage door repair Plano TX to help you out with your problem. Failed garage door sensors can lead to garage door accidents and also regular knocks on the door which will cause dents and bumps to your door.


Garage Door Services

Plano Garage Door Repair offers you the most comprehensive for bumps, garage door screens dents, off track garage door and Garage Door replacement. Bumps and dents on your garage door will result in difficulty in opening or closing the garage door. Also, off track garage doors that are cumbersome to open or close. Garage doors are usually massive in weight. As such, you cannot realign it to its track by yourself. Plano Garage Door Repair services have the tools and equipment to do this hassle free for you. But that is not all. garage door repair plano also offer garage door replacement services. If your garage door keeps breaking down frequently even after services due to a prolonged period of use, then it is about time that you replace it. Usually at this, stage replacing the garage door is more economical than the frequent servicing. Similarly, if you have been operating the manual garage door, it is about time you switched to the more efficient and simple to use automatic garage door. For any of these services, contact Plano Garage Door Repairs, your most trusted garage door repair partner.

Wood Garage Door Installationplano garage door repair services

If you are considering having a unique custom designed garage door, then don’t hesitate to call Garage Door Plano.
At Plano Garage Door Repair, they will install for you the wooden garage doors to attain the unique look that you desire. Some notable advantage of wooden garage doors are, they don’t dent, quiet operation, easily repainted, can withstand drastic weather changes, Serves as an insulator against cold and heat and simple replacement to the damaged portion of the garage door rather than the whole door.

Installation Of New Garage Door Rollers

Before installing new rollers, Plano Garage Door and Openers take detailed dimensions of your garage door to ensure the perfect fit. This duration of new roller installations will depend on the door size, usually less than a day.
Once, they have installed the rollers, they ensure that they are properly lubricated for the smoothest operation.


All the products at Plano Garage Door Repairs are sourced from very trusted and diverse line of manufacturers which include CHI Doors, Genie, Wayne Dalton, Clopay, Lift Master and Sears.

Plano Garage Door is committed to ensuring that you get the best garage door installation, garage door repair and replacement services. there products and services are very affordable. Other than these, Plano Garage Doors run frequent promotions and offer coupons to reward you for being there loyal customer. If you have any question about garage doors, be it garage door types, materials among others, call them today for the quickest answer to your problem.

Where to get Garage Door Springs Repair Kit

The garage door makes up about one-third of our house and is one of the most used doors of our house during all seasons and times. Thus it becomes important for us to ensure that the garage door is in perfect working condition. Garage door parts have high tension cable wires which are connected by springs. If these parts are worn or frayed, they should be replaced immediately as they tend to cause serious damage and can even maim or kill people.

If you are unsure of how to repair the worn parts, it is better to call in the experts who are trained and have adequate knowledge which will help them replace the needed parts.

Garage door springs are of 2 types:

  • Garage door extension springs – These springs are used along the tracks of the doors. They use the principle of extension which gets used in the vertical and horizontal lines. These springs have high tensions in them making them very difficult to install as well as to repair. Calling in professional help to repair these springs would be the smart choice.
  • Garage door torsion spring – These springs are installed at the top of the garage door with the help of a long extended rod. The springs and the rod tend to be heavy and need to be handled properly with care. If not they may end up causing serious injury to the person repairing or installing it.

If you know what needs to be done, you can look up garage door springs repair kit online. You will come across many hits online, which offer the entire kit for very cheap prices. E bay, Amazon are some of the giant E commerce sites which offer different parts for a garage door springs repair. Apart from these you have many professional companies who offer the entire kit and also professional help to repair the garage door springs. To replace garage door springs, you will need to measure the current dimensions to be able to replace the springs accurately. You can have a 1 spring or 2 spring system. In

You can have a 1 spring or 2 spring system. In case of a 1 spring system, you should upgrade it to a 2 spring system. As the weight of the door is balanced on 2 springs, the two spring system will usually last longer than the 1 spring system.

There are several professional websites which offer to help in repairing garage door springs. As many times the springs are custom made to order; due to the million odd varieties of springs available; ordering online with such companies may take close to 3 to 5 days for your repair kit to be delivered. Some companies also ship internationally while some don’t, so it is better to look up a person locally first. Once the springs and the repair tools are received, you can make use of online tutorials or videos (available in plenty if you search for ‘Garage Door Springs Repair’) which will guide you on replacing the door springs. If you still find it difficult, it is recommended to call in professional help.


How to do a Garage Door Repair

Your car is the main occupant in the garage. A well-maintained garage door is directly proportional to how much you love your car. Some do keep kid’s outdoor games, tools and few other items of their own choice. Few homes have an entrance to the house from a garage too. So for security purposes, garage door malfunction needs immediate fix. Garage has the heaviest door in your home and needs constant maintenance activities.

A repair in a garage door would hinder your routine. You might not be able to open the door to get your car out. The main parts of a garage door are the door section made of wood or steel, and the components used for the opening mechanism. So any problems faced, we have to check just these two parts. Few of the common garage door repairs are as below:

  • Garage Door out of alignment: Doors can be of two types either it swing up as one piece or it rolls up in section. In both the cases the door glides on the tracks fixed on the garage wall. The spring connected to the door and this track ensures proper opening and closing mechanism. Any misalignment at any connecting part causes a door to get stuck. So the door can be aligned back correctly or parts can be replaced if required.

garage door

  • Garage Door squeaks: The garage door needs lubricants to be sprayed on. There are specific lubricants depending on your door material to completely avoid the squeaky noise.

  • Garage Door Spring repair: The spring controls the open and close functionality. In swing up and roll up garage doors the springs are placed at different positions. So we need to understand the logic behind its function.

Galvanized Spring

  • Problem with door hinges or rollers: The screws in door hinges might get loosened or damaged in a course of time. This can be easily fixed or replaced. The rollers might get dirt accumulated. This should be serviced biannually at least or whenever required. These parts are not expensive and can be easily fixed. It does not require an experienced handyman too.
  • Garage Door Maintenance: Sometimes door would look perfectly fine but it might get stuck. In such case it’s a tough job to decipher what went wrong. The required action would be simple like greasing of tracks or spring or hinges. Every part in the garage door needs to be regularly cleaned and the joints greased or oiled for a perfect motion.

repair garage door spring

  • Garage Weather damage: Due to cold or hot weather the joints in the garage door might get corrupted hindering its functions. So weather stripping is done at the top, bottom and sides of the garage door.

garage door weather seal replacement

  • Automatic open/close malfunction: If a remote controlled garage door does not work as per the controls, the problem might be a simple fix. The first check should be at the remote. May be just a battery change would fix the problem. Next check would be to ensure if the remote signal receivers are aligned correctly.

We can try to fix any problem faced in the garage door by ourselves first, instead of calling a handyman. This would save us from a huge expense.

Why Should You Hire Garage Door Services Today?

Today it is vitally essential to maintain your Garage door just for the reason that it is your first line of home-defense. If it is not proper or malfunctioning, you as the homeowner are exposed to threats outside your home which includes burglary, stalking and more.

Reasons to hire Garage door services today:

Technicians today have extensive training and are more skilled and experienced and offer the best commercial as well as residential maintenance and installation services. You need their services for the following when you need to keep your Plano Garage Doors in the best condition.

  1. When you need New Garage Door Installation or Replacement:
    When your old ones have started to wear off completely, or if you need to install a good Garage door, these services can do the job for you. You can also choose from a wide variety of styles and type that match your home with steel or wood and often they have warranties which give you a strong assurance. They also assure you complete support in programming your garage door and ensuring that it is 100% safe and functional.
  2. When your Garage Door needs Repairs and Maintenance:
    Do you have a broken spring? A broken chain? Or is your door opener not responding. Does it fail to close the door or open it? Has the doors fallen off track and are the sensors damaged? Then hire these services to get your garage doors repaired immediately. You will also benefit from the free in-house estimates that would give you a rough evaluation of what the repair costs would be by these service providers. The best technicians will evaluate the problem and give you a quote up front before you agree to let them repair the damage.
  3. When you need to replace Garage Door Openers:
    Has your garage door opener broken? Do you need to replace it or upgrade it? Install high quality replacements from the best brands in the market which provide the latest features like Diehard battery backup, smart phone connectivity, ultra quiet belt drive etc. with these services. Further get help in programming your remote control of the opener.
  4. When you need Garage door panel or spring replacement:
    With time, your Garage door tends to bend. This will cause you inconvenience in opening and closing the doors and you will need to replace the door panel for smooth functioning. Also sometimes your springs need replacement to keep the doors balanced. These services ensure they come well stocked, so they can easily match the right spring or door panel for your garage door.

So, it is essential you spare no expenses and hire Plano garage door services today to keep them in good condition. Most of them work round the clock and come and offer speedy service in a short notice. With these services, your Garage doors will always be in splendid condition giving you a peace of mind in respect to your security and safety at home.

Liftmaster Garage Door Review By Plano Garage Door And Opener

Did you purchase that dream car of yours? If “yes” then your responsibility has just started! Much as the upkeep and maintenance of the car is required, equally important is the safety of the vehicle. A strong, robust garage equipped with a state-of-the-art garage door is the next big investment which needs to be made. garage door investment has become almost like buying a car! This is where Plano garage door Repair comes to the rescue with their latest offering, the Liftmaster garage door.

Why do you need garage door repair Plano ?

When we talk about garage door Plano opener, we are also looking at the aspect of a company providing reliability and excellent customer service. With an experience of close to four decades, Plano garage door is a force to reckon with in this business. They have come up with the latest stylised model of a garage door, equipped with latest technology. A look at the features it has to offer in the Liftmaster garage door, only makes us want for more!

Features of Plano garage door & opener:

  • The Liftmaster garage door is less noisy and smooth in operation.
  • Time and temperature display.
  • Motion sensing lights.
  • Excellent DC battery backup and works when power goes out.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Control garage and thermostat from one single App.
  • Lifetime warranty on motor and belt.
  • Five years warranty on various important parts in the unit.

Pros in buying Plano garage door repair:

  • Plano Liftmaster garage door is backed with a good battery backup and is economical on power usage.
  • The Wi-Fi connectivity is a boon and assists in controlling the unit over phone.
  • The lifetime warranty on motor and belt coupled with five years warranty on vital parts of the unit makes it an attractive buy.
  • App for easily controlling the garage door opener and thermostat provided by Nest.
  • Plano garage door opener promises the availability of an extremely professional, knowledgeable and efficient customer care and support.
  • Value for money product backed with customer friendly technicians to provide samples, choices pricing information and brochures also coupled with assistance in installation.
  • Same day appointments at personal convenience can be scheduled.
  • Excellent testimonials and referrals online by immensely satisfied customers.
  • Possess an A+ rating on Angie’s list and Better Business Bureau.


Cons involved:

  • The availability of Plano garage door repair unit is restricted to only selected cities and is not widespread across US.


The Plano garage door Liftmaster model is a competitively priced product of its kind available in the present day market. It has an attractive list of latest features to offer. The company also provides free in-home estimates which help in making an honest assessment of repair or replacement required. It is well-balanced by an equally efficient and punctual customer service. Going by the various customer testimonials online, this Plano garage door repair has made changing garage doors easier forever!








How To Install Garage Door

Garage doors can enhance the look of your home as well as increase the safety of your home. When you want to replace your old garage doors or install a new one, it is ideal you seek assistance of Garage door repair Plano for your needs. Let’s look at the process in which they go about the installation process of your garage door.

Assessing your needs and making recommendations:

There are a lot of options on the model and type of garage doors you can choose for your home. Plano garage door repair will help you assess all these needs. Whether you would like windows in your new door? Whether you want them in steel or wood? Which colour will suit your home? Do you want automatic, roll up or custom garage doors?

All these will be looked upon and suitable options will be suggested like which manufacturer and what kind of style will suit your needs.

Installation of Garage doors:

The next step is the installation of the garage doors. Installing them on your own or by hiring professional Plano garage door repair, the steps involved are the same. They are installed in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications.

  1. Measuring and placing the door sections:

The various parts of the garage are measured. The height and width of the door opening, the headroom and backroom are all properly measured and the door is attached with temporary stops and the bottom part is laid out.

The garage door is then attached with weather stripping, hinges and lift handles and it is set into the door frame and connected with metal hinges and screws.  In the same way each panel of the door is installed by securing them with screws.

  1. Installing garage door tracks and rollers:

The next step is to install the tracks and rollers. The vertical, horizontal and curved parts of the tracks are assembled and it is installed on either sides of the door. Then the rollers are attached, all these are done in such a way that it is so tight. In this process, new garage door openers may also be installed.

  1. Installing and attaching the spring assembly:

For attaching the springs, the door needs to be lifted so that the springs can be perfectly attached to the pulley system. The two springs, safety cables are all properly attached to ensure smooth functioning of the door. In this stage, the door is also connected to the automatic opener.

Well qualified technicians in Garage door repair Plano know the proper way to dismantle an old garage door and install a new one properly and assure safety and security of the garage home owners. Before the installation process, they discuss well and deep with the clients on what their needs are and accordingly install the right garage door with their long years of expertise.

Even after installation Garage door repair Plano provides quality repair and maintenance for the continued smooth functioning of the garage doors. In any case after installation there are problems with the garage door, they are fast enough to rectify the problem in a short period.



3 Reasons Garage Door Repair Plano TX Recommends Weather Seal Replacement

One important thing to look out for in your garage door maintenance is the weather seal. Most of Plano Garage Doors that are part of the residential unit have the weather seal at the bottom. Since this is the bottom most one, it might need replacements. This is one part of the garage door which needs frequent maintenance as it might just lose its shape over a period of time. Now you might wonder how the other components are in perfect shape for over a decade. You might find that but for the weather seal your garage door is as good as new.

These Plano Garage Doors are made of steel and that’s the reason they last good up to 20 years or even more depending upon usage and maintenance. On the contrary, the weather seal which is plastic vinyl will start tearing, shrinking, hardening and start breaking at corners. When you find any of the said symptoms, it’s a sign for your Plano garage door weather seal replacement. When these plastics start giving away, it is best to go for replacement. Here are the best 3 reasons that we here at Garage Door Repair Plano TX suggest:

Leaves and Dust

garage door weather sealGarages do collect a lot of dirt and dust. If you have important stuff collected at your garage, then it is important to keep it dust free. One important function of Plano Garage Door weather seal is to keep away the dust from entering your garage. When this part is damaged, then it means free access for dust and dirt into your garage.

The leaves flying all over in the yards during a fall season are something which is sure to happen. When it is windy these do get into the garage if the door is open. Garage Door Repair Plano TX suggest that if the garage door weather seal is not perfect, there are chances of them getting accumulated in your valuables even when the garage doors are closed. Cleaning up after them could be difficult.


Everyone knows how the weather Damage is in Texas. The heat is too much in summer. A garage door weather seal is what protects all your valuables in the garage safe in all seasons. When it is extremely windy, and the weather seal is withered, you could expect dust, dirt, leaves and trash all over your garage. So timely replacement of garage door weather seal is a must and needs to be done at proper intervals is what experts at garage door repair Plano TX suggest.

If you do not have it sealed, even rain water or snow could seep in to your garage making all your valuables perish.

Insects, Ants, Snakes and Rodents

Now we have to agree that these rodents and spiders somehow find a way into the garage. It is only possible due to a gap in the garage door weather seal . When it starts wearing off or shrinking, a loop hole sorts gets formed which is perfectly enough even for a snake to enter. There are occasions where even stray cats and dogs enter the garage through it. That’s easy access to your home as well. Plano Garage door repair quote that as a reason for replacing the garage door weather seal and keeping it in perfect shape which will help in avoiding all these unpleasant situations.


Tips to get best Garage Doors by Plano garage door repair

Since garage door isn’t something often bought by the homeowners, you might not know how the whole process get approached. Plano Garage Door Repair cares enough to give tips to customers before purchasing garage door. Plano garage door services suggest that these are some of the things you need to know before purchase.

The cost of most garage doors at garage door repair Plano TX

wood garage doors

wood garage doors by Wayne Dalton

Every house deserves a perfect garage door whether you need something contemporary, rustic or classic. Determining the style you want for your house help to focus your options. On figuring out the look you want, you would have to evaluate the most popular garage door style and choose to fit your budget. If you can’t figure out, garage door repair Plano can help you. Usually, there are aluminum, steel, wood and composite wood garage doors. Their prices vary depending on the material. The prices are affordable at garage door repair Plano.

Should you purchase insulated garage doors?

The material used in the construction of garage door have improved as technology improves. The garage doors nowadays provide a tighter seal to keep out elements against facade. Most garage doors are not heated, yet the garage door impacts energy efficiency at your home. It’s recommended by Plano garage door & opener to have insulated doors for homes having their garage attached especially if a house above the garage gets occupied. It will help a lot to reduce utility bills and noise.

The other thing to consider is the direction of the door as compared to the sun or the wind. If the door faces the sun all day or blasted by the wind all day, then an insulated would be recommended to regulate the temperature inside. These insulated garage door purchased at Plano garage door and opener.

The safety factor of the garage doors sold at garage door Plano

The safety factor is important in determining the ability of the garage door to withstand extreme cases such as a hurricane or high wind. The size of the garage door makes it susceptible to damage more than any other opening. The latest garage doors have additional heavier gauge tracking, bracing and any other relevant hardware that helps to keep the parts in place during extreme winds. Ensure you get yourself garage doors that have built-in reinforcement system to withstand high wind. These stable doors available at garage door Plano TX are affordable

The material used in making Garage Doors available at Plano garage door

brushed aluminum garage door by plano garage door repairDifferent environments require various types of equipment to perform correctly, and that is why Plano garage door repair have different doors to fit the different circumstances. For instance, aluminum is rust resistant, and garage doors made from this material are perfect for the harsh and humid environment. Steel doors can still function in the same environment as aluminum, but steel provides the broadest range of insulation, color and also price options. Wood garage doors have a distinctive look and are moisture resistant though depending on exposure and climate, these doors require more maintenance. There is also composite wood garage door, available at garage door repair Plano TX, which looks like wood but more durable and thus require less maintenance. They eliminate the limitations of wood yet still maintain its moisture resistant properties. They can’t split, rot, shrink or crack. They can also be stained and painted.

How products sales

Before purchase, you need to know if the cost includes installation. Most companies include installation to the cost but just to be sure, you can confirm. Also, you need to know that garage door opener does not include the price of a new garage door. They get sold separately. However, garage door repair Plano also sell openers.

Top ten Garage door brands in Plano Garage Door Repair

Every single element contributes the overall luster in a home, and thus garage doors are among these components. Plano Garage Door Repair has many varieties of garage doors. To outfit your garage, the list below are the top 10 best brands of the garage door available at plano garage door .

Dynamic Garage Door, the most eco-friendly in garage door repair plano tx

Dynamic Garage Door made of steel and wood and anything else in between while maintaining a good standard of eco-friendliness, stylishness, and sturdiness. This brand has the most elegant look of the bunch in case you’re searching for modern and still eco-friendly garage door. These exquisite doors are available at garage door repair plano.


Silvelox is a company based in Italy, which makes garage doors with an Italian touch. The company’s new line of doors has a two-tier overlap system making a more space efficient. These doors utilize double counterweight mechanism in the opening and closing the door. They also do away with ceiling tracks. If you always have Italian touch, you can get yourself one at plano garage door & opener .

Martin Garage Doors

These garage doors made of metal and glass. They help to maximize on garage space and also makes it flexible in customization. Simple design is adopted and has an excellent durability and oozes modernity. You can have a look at some at Plano garage door and opener .

BP Glass Garage Doors, the most resistant to weather in garage door repair Plano

These are stylish glass doors which are resistant to weather and other factors that caused damage. The Miami-Dade County in Florida recommended this type to homeowners and had the best hurricane line in garage door plano. They perform both above and beyond the standard requirement for every garage door during hurricane season.

Carriage House Door Company

Carriage House Door by plano garage doorIn case you are looking for something looking like quaint rustic make your home exquisite then don’t look anymore. Carriage House Door Company provides doors salvaged from old buildings which get crafted or from its materials. This company has their products at garage door plano tx.

Eden Coast

Nothing could go wrong when using Eden Coast. Eden Coast offers doors made from composite material. These materials are lightweight. These doors can be perfect for eco-minded homeowners. Eden Coast doors’ composition doesn’t compromise customizability or durability of your garage door. If you are eco-minded, you can purchase one at plano garage door . They have good quality garage doors.

Ankmar, an expert in Plano garage door repair

Being an expert at crafting all sorts Plano garage door, Ankmar is excellent at making wooden garage doors. Some of their doors such as Renaissance 2000 series is exceptionally durable even in the harshest environment. Its design ensures that no storm is strong enough to compromise its work. Available at an affordable price at garage door repair Plano TX.

Renaissance 2000 Doors by plano garage door


They have a broad range of choices. The doors are modern looking and sleekly. Their various collection provides an excellent mix of sturdy and stylish. They have customizable reinforced frame and window glass.

Overhead Door

This company in Texas has doors for everyone. They range from old-fashioned wooden ones all the way to modern aluminum doors. garage door repair plano assures of durability in each of their doors. It’s enhanced safety features help to keep away intruders.


These doors don’t take much space in your driveway. The garage door company producing the doors based in the UK. Horman doors have handles made of aluminum and their operating mechanism located on the garage door’s brackets for easy maintenance. These doors enable you to have a significant place while still giving you the best garage door.




How much does a new garage door cost?


There are many types of garage doors available in the market today. There are insulated garage doors, roller shutter doors, sectional doors, sliding doors, etc. Here are the prices of some garage doors.

Steel Up & Over

These doors are installed in between garage structural opening. It is made of galvanised steel. The operation of the garage is manual. The door panel is uninsulated. It is 7’ X 7’ in size. The price of this door is $580.

Steel Roller Shutter

It has behind the garage structural opening. It is made of galvanised steel and its operation is manual. This door is also uninsulated. It’s size is 7’ 6’’ X 7’ 2.5’’. The price of this door is $645.

Steel Side Hinged

This door must be installed inbetween garage structural opening. It is uninsulated, made of galvanised steel and is manual in operation. This 7’ X 7’ door will cost $880.

Insulated Steel Sectional

This door is placed behind garage structural opening. The door has insulated foam and is made of galvanised steel. This 7’ 6’’ X 7’ door costs $1,150.

Aluminium Insulated Roller Shutter

This door is installed behind garage structural opening. It has remote control operation. The door is made up of aluminium. It has double skin insulated foam. The size of this door is 7’6’’ X 7’4.5’’. The price of this door is $1,450.

These are just the prices of the garage doors. When installing a new garage door, there are also other costs involved. There is the old door removal cost and the new door installation costs. These costs can go over $300. Some other charges may be also associated with it depending on the type of doors. Before choosing which door to buy, you must consider all these external costs also.

4 situations when you need to hire garage door repair experts


Garage doors improve the aesthetic appeal of a house. It is also one of the entrances to the house. So, you need to keep it in good shape and secured. Like any other thing, regular repairing of these doors is necessary. Here are some reasons you might need to call an expert.

New garage door installation

If you want to replace your old garage door with a new one, then you need to call an expert. The modern garage doors are complex in nature, with multi-layer security systems. So, you need an expert to install it properly.

General repair services

If there is any problem with hinges, rollers or locks you need to call an expert to fix it. If your garage door makes weird sound or you cannot open the door for some reason, you need to call an expert.

Garage door spares and parts

If you need any door spares then you can purchase from garage repair service experts. They sell garage parts from various manufacturers.

Remote control conversions of existing garage doors

If you want to automate your garage doors using remote control mechanism then you need to call the experts. If your electronic door system is not working, these experts can fix it.

There are many garage door repair experts. Some of them offer services at a very competitive rate. For major problems, you must contact an expert to prevent further damage of your garage doors.

3 most secure garage doors in the world


The garage door provides an easy access to your house. You need to have a secured garage door so that intruders cannot break it or open it. Here are the msot secure garage doors.

Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and Over Garage Doors

These doors have steel subframe and 4 point locking that provides good level of security. The door panel is of a box section construction. Euro profile cylinder locking system is fitted to the gate. These doors produce loud noise if anyone tries to enter through the door forcefully. So, burglars won’t take the risk to break in.

These doors produce loud noise if anyone tries to enter through the door forcefully. So, burglars won’t take the risk to break in.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors

These types of doors provide efficient sealing and very good insulation. These have very strong basic design. The individual panels of the door have 4 encapsulated rollers with either side moving behind a steel subframe system. There

There are 42mm double skinned insulated steel which provides excellent lateral strength. It is very hard to penetrate this type of garage door by force or by using tools. You can fit the garage with an electronic operator to provide more security.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side Hinged Garage Doors

These garage doors have very high level of upgraded security locking. These are often fitted with hydraulic electric door operator with an

These are often fitted with hydraulic electric door operator with an electro-magnetic lock. This type of garage door is highly secured.

The older types of garage doors have poor security systems. The modern garage doors are strongly built and provide several layers of security. The garage doors just mentioned can keep your house safe from burglars or other intruders.